Combat Robots

Our combat robotics program began in 2019 when a plexiglass enclosure was donated that would hold 150g fairyweight robots. We have held several tournaments in this arena and members of CHAMP and outside competitors learned much about robot design. The 150g limit is very restricting for beginning builders but our donated arena was too small to hold 1 pound robots. We developed a 300g custom class to help introduce and teach new entrants and help spread interest in combat robotics. The 300g gram robots produced exciting events and allowed CHAMP to learn how to run tournaments. Unfortunately not many people with robots in our custom class ready to compete in our events. To expand our combat robotics program and bring in more competitors we need a new arena that can support larger, more common weight classes.

Starting in 2023 we have a new 6 ft octagonal arena that will house insect weight classes. This arena would not be possible without the support of some generous sponsors. We would like to thank Major Sponsors,


We also apprecieate the support of Elfrhys Designs, Shenanigans Stables, and The Wellness Grove. 

Our Arena

We run 1 pound and 3 pound tournaments with the same quarterly schedule that we ran our 300g class. Check out our Facebook page for the upcoming events.

We have a six foot octagonal arena that can be used with 150g Fairyweight, 1 pound Antweight and 3 pound Beetleweight insect class robots. The arena has lights and multimedia displays to display competitors names, status of the fights and engage the audience. The arena will also feature dual trap doors that can open randomly to increase tensions during fights.


We are using the standard SPARC rule set with almost no modifications so competitors’ robots are likely already qualified to compete in our tournaments. Here are links to our current rules:

Robot Construction Specifications

Tournament Procedures

Match Rules

Judging Guidelines

Additional info/Links

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Members –
Monthly group battles are held the first sunday of every month. This is open to members only but anyone can come watch. Members are also able to battle each other in random challenge fights at any time.

Clubs/Leagues – Groups of builders and event hosts to learn more about combat robotics.

Ohio Robotics Club –



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Sellers – Sourcres for parts and whole kits to get you started with your own robot.

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