What the Heck is CHAMP?

So you found your way to our website somehow! You have probably heard the term “Maker Space” by now or even the older term “Hacker Space”. But what is it?

First off what we are NOT is a group of scary computer hackers sitting around typing on computers and drinking MT. DEW. Although we do have many computers and a vending machine with MT. DEW in it! Also, there is no one who “works” at CHAMP. We have no employees!

Maker Space? The term “Maker Space” is getting passed around quite a bit now a days. The problem is there are many many types of Maker Spaces. There are places that you go take a class on how to build a widget and when you leave you bring your widget home with you. There are places in schools and libraries that have a laser engraver and a 3d printer that you can use to make things. These are all types of maker spaces.

At CHAMP we do things a little differently. CHAMP is what ever you want it to be. I know that is vague but that is by design. We try and promote CHAMP as a group of people not just a place. We offer tools like 3D printers, laser cutters, table saws, lathes, band saws, drill presses, vinyl cutters, CNC machines and so much more. We offer classes to members and the public on things from learning how to solder, to jewelry making, to archery. Each member gets a key to the building and can come and go as they please. We have some members that use the wood shop or metal shop to make things to sell for their business. We have members that come in to work on projects for their house. We have members that just come in to have a place to hang out and talk to other people! We even have members that use the space as a practice space for their band and use our recording studio to record their own CDs! We have nothing against a member who just wants to come in and do their own thing and leave, but we do promote the fact that you CAN stay and hang out as a group.

How do you learn? Classes are an important tool but for the most part we learn from each other! You know something I don’t, I know something you don’t. By working together and getting to know each other, we teach each other what we know without having to sit in a classroom tasking tests!