The Hopeful Future of CHAMP’s Combat Robotics Program

If you follow us at CHAMP at all you know we have been holding regular Combat robotic tournaments for the last 2 years. Even with COVID going on we have held quarterly public events with 8-12 competitors for almost every event. We stream these live on Facebook for all to see. Monthly our members get together to tune, test, and hold practice fights. We hope to get more participants and larger events as we crawl out of this post pandemic timeline.

However, our current battlebox is not big enough. It wont hold larger 1 pound, 3 pound and larger bots we would like to build. So I have designed a larger, more sturdy arena that supports larger bots and hopefully will let us host bigger events to more participants. The new arena is a more than 6 foot octagon that will have the same entertaining trap doors, lights and controls that our current arena does. 1/2 polycarbonate walls keeps the carnage inside and protect spectators.

Unfortunately thick polycarbonate is expensive and we are a small group. So we are starting a campaign in search of sponsors to help make this dream possible. I am reaching out now to local businesses to find those interested in sponsoring this new arena. If you are or know a business owner that would like to join us and help make this a reality, contact me at and I will explain the benefits we can offer supporting your local makerspace and robotics scene.

Having this new arena operational will allow us to host larger regional events. These events will spread the word about our sponsors, CHAMP Makerspace, STEM robotics as a hobby and study field to a larger audience.