Are you currently enrolled in college? Are you from Stark County?

Fill out the form below and apply for the CHAMP Scholarhip that includes 3 months of probationary membership and 12 months of a Tier 1 membership! We will be giving away memberships to 2 qualifying students. Courtesy of Ian Reynard (CHAMP Member).

RULES AND REGULATIONS – subject to change at this point 5/2/24

You must be at least 18 years old
Proof of at least halftime enrollment (6 Credit hours) with a 2.5+ GPA
Commit to 1 hour volunteer time per month at the makerspace (event attendance qualifies)
Subject to all standard member bylaws/rules
Stark County Resident

Short general introduction of yourself
Show us things that you have made or want to make. Video/pictures
Explanation how you’ll benefit and what you can give to the makerspace/community.
Tier 1 eligibility based on current rules established in the handbook.
Failure to obtain Tier 1 eligibility after
3 months will result in forfeiture of scholarship.