Just wanted to share a story

Ex president/CEO of CHAMP Makerspace Bill Locke here. I know I am posting under the presidents blog but I still have admin access so there you go. Anyway I just wanted to share a quick story with who ever would read this. October 2013 was the day CHAMP was officially born. When I started CHAMP I didn’t even know what a makerspace or hackerspace as they were called then was. I didn’t know what we would be doing or what would come of it. Fast forward to yesterday I and I got to witness 2 members of CHAMP (who have noticed over the past 2 years that one of our members is quite skilled at integrated circuits and programming but was laid off) sit down and work with him for several hours getting his resume re-written and went over some practice interview questions. This is not what I had planned for CHAMP but I am so proud that this is what it has become.

CHAMP is a place not only to learn but to make friends and help each other.