Hello World!

Hello and welcome! My name is Steve Scott and I am the newly elected President of CHAMP Makerspace. I have volunteered to take over for Bill to continue and hopefully expand on the great community we have been building. But first, a little about me.

I was born and raised in Dover Ohio and currently live there with my wife and two daughters. I studied engineering at Kent State and have worked as a engineer or in the quality department.

My hobby is making. Sometimes I make what I need to pursue a current interest or improve things that I’ve purchased. I’m a proponent of reusing and recycling things and a prefer things ‘built not bought’. I repair and improve things that I find at yard sales, thrift stores sometimes even dumpsters or side of the road on trash day. Very few of the things I own escape untouched usually receiving some type of upgrade customization if for no other reason that to personalize it to me.

My current interests include homebrewing beer, paintball, BattleBots, and tabletop gaming. I also enjoy designing things to print on my 3D printer, riding my bikes (both pedal and motor), and perusing garage sales for my next project or supplies to finish whatever other projects I have currently have going on. 

I have plans for the future of CHAMP. I want to increase both membership and engagement. Together we can CHAMP to be beneficial to both its members and the community at large. The current global COVID pandemic will add to this challenge but I hope everyone is willing to come along on this ride.