Group Build Night 4/20/17

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the presidents blog. A lot has been going on around CHAMP. Here are the things we have been working on for the group build projects. The first is Joe’s virtual pinball machine. It has come a long long way!!! It is now playable with sound and Tilt motion sensor. We still have to hookup the knocker and solenoids for the hepatic feedback. The second is a Retro-pie powered full sized arcade machine with mini fridge. This will be for sale after May’s first friday. It has all atari, NES, SNE and Gameboy roms on it.







Last is Brian’s MASSIVE 10ft x 5ft CNC.  He has been working on this for a couple months now and it is getting real close to being completed.  The liquid cooled system is built and ready to be hooked up.  The motor has been tested and is working.  The 220v power line has been run.  It’s SOOOOO close to being tested!!!