CHAMP Challenge Night Sept 23rd

champChamp challenge night started off like many others.  12 people arrive, split into 2 teams.  Those 2 teams are then given their challenge – Build a device capable of propelling a marble 20 ft into a foam board target.  Each team is given 25 marbles and 2 hour to build their device.  Both teams went to the extreme and basically built potato cannons.  1 3 ft long and hair spray powered.  The other a bit more extreme at 8ft long and pneumatically powered.  Team 1 hit all 6 targets in around 4 min 30 seconds.  Team 2 fell just behind them at just under 5.  CHAMP Challenge night is the 3rd Thursday of the month and is open to anyone who wants to participate.  Non members do have to sign a release form before they can start building.