CHAMP Challenge 10/27/16

tomhadOnce again the CHAMP Challenge has come and gone.  This months challenge teams were given 6 wiffle balls and had to build a device to put the wiffle balls into a small hoop that moved up and down via an arduino, located 3 feet away.






The team that put the most balls in the hoop in 2 minutes was the winner.  3 of the 4 teams built more or less the same device, a grabber on a pole that picks up the ball and drops it into the hoop.  The winner of the challenge was Josh Morrow and Jeff Jensen. cc1







cc2An honorable mention HAS to go out to Brian and Angela for their creation.   This device was 10ft long, looked like a unicorn and operated via leaf blower.  It even had an automatic ball return.  If the ball return would have worked every time they would have easily surpassed the winner of 32 balls in 2 min.

Sorry for the lack of photos, my lens broke on my camera and everything was blurry!!